What They’re Mad About in Glenbrook Valley

A quick photo preview of a few of the stops on this Saturday’s “Mad About Mod” tour put together by Houston Mod, which will feature inside views of a few long-ignored modern homes (and a church) in Houston’s latest almost-historic district, Glenbrook Valley: Above and left, the Googie-inspired residence built for drive-thru restaurant barons Elmer and Myrtle Richardson, designed in 1955 by Pasadena architects Doughtie & Porterfield.


Next, this Palm Springs-y number is just down the street at 7834 Santa Elena:

The original doctor’s house at 8210 Colgate, designed in 1959 by Paul Wahlberg:

The tour begins at the Park Place Baptist Church at 4101 Broadway you’re always waving to on your way back from Hobby:

The tour was scheduled to coincide with an annual U.S. tour day organized by the mad modernists at DOCOMOMO.

Photos: Houston Mod

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  • If you plan on going, please buy your ticket on line from Houston Mod today.

  • Done and done. Thanks for the tip, Robert!

  • Went on the tour today, it was pretty cool. Turns out I knew one of the home owners.. haha.

  • Fantastic tour Houston Mod. Well done in all aspects!

  • I agree. What a knockout. Perfect weather too. Nice to see some of my friends there. The period interiors and decorating were spectacular, as were the original Studebaker Lark, the red Cobra, the Cadillac, the T-bird, and the lovely Alfa Spider.

  • Was disapointed that all tickets had to be purchased in advance. Never before saw that on a home tour, and as a result, I missed out.

  • @Finness

    Sorry you missed out.. I missed online registration and shot an e-mail to info@houstonmod.com turns out they were selling a limited amount of tickets at the tour so I snatched one up. I’m sure there will be another one like this soon though.

  • I am sorry to hear about anyone wanting to go and not being able to due to any confusion with tickets. The event otherwise went surprisingly smooth. I can’t say enough about how great a job the homeowners did that opened up their houses for this event.
    This event was for Houston Mod and we are grateful for the opportunity they gave our neighborhood to participate. We have bounced the idea around already about doing one again next year but instead as a fundraiser to establish an account to help seniors in the neighborhood that are on a fixed income and need help with some home repairs. There will be a lot to iron out, but hey, we put this one together in about 30 days. One of the hostesses blogged about on the neighborhood forum:

  • Robert, sounds like a great idea considering the possible negative impact a historical desgination will have for seniors.