What They’re Tweeting About Your Lease Rates

WHAT THEY’RE TWEETING ABOUT YOUR LEASE RATES 2502 Dunlavy St., Lower Westheimer, Park, Montrose, HoustonWe now join the Twitter discussion of the potential lease of spaces at 2502 Dunlavy St. just north of Westheimer Rd. in Montrose, currently home to the offices of Eurostone Marble and the Bacchus Mediterranean Winebar and Coffee Shop (both still open), already in progress. [Twitter] Photo: Davis Commercial (PDF)

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  • Really. You mean Twittering (speculating) about potential/future lease holders they know NOTHING about..

  • That’s a shame, I rather liked the place…as we walked by to go to Brasil or Empire. Not enough food to make it more than another coffee shop, though I liked all the greenery outside. Hate to see it turn into yet another freaking bar.

    I saw some of the last posts complaining about the “illegal Bacchus only parking” signs. They’re not illegal unless they try to put them up to look like real city signs. They can put whatever they want on their property. And I’ll continue to do as I did last Saturday, park on the public street right in front of their sign, and walk to Brasil.

  • Didn’t they add on a 3rd floor to this structure just 5 years back? I seem to remember some strange construction there before they put all the white stucco up.