What You Can See Naked from the 26th Floor: A Clean Look at the Warwick

How does the city look after a long, heavy shower? If you’re stepping out to grab a towel in the north-facing master bath of a 26th-floor unit in the Warwick Towers on Hermann Dr., maybe something like this. Which will lead you to the little perch below, one of the nicest we’ve seen set up for someone who’s naked, dripping wet, and maybe trying to get a little work done:


Unit 26A was pieced together from two separate Warwick Tower units totaling 4,394 sq. ft. — though the county appraisal district appears to be under the impression that the condo combination ended up a bit smaller. The interior design by P. Joe Shaffer blends 2 separate Master Bedroom suites. It’s been on the market for almost a month, but now a new set of photos have been posted to show the place off:

There are 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 4 parking and 2 storage spaces in all, plus a $3,178 monthly maintenance fee. Asking $2.125 million.

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  • Plug this into the Swamplot Price Adjuster. What do you get?

  • Eric, I say $1.925 million. Location, location, location.

  • HCAD puts it at $1,080,000 and 3993 sf– but what do they know?

  • Those herms are missing something important.

  • The thing about Warwick Towers is it is the only building that is both quite elegant and quite “plain vanilla” at the same time. Narrow hallways and narrow, although nice, front doors. I have never figured out how anyone manages to get large pieces of furniture into any of the apartments.

    I suspect they repaint hallway walls and restain front doors every time someone moves in or out. And if they have a gran piano, repairing those really nice but again really narrow curved front door frames. A couple of the A units as I recall have “double doors” so I guess they have no problem. Everyone else, good luck.

    As for this unit, it’s probably worth the $2 million. In this market, well, forget it. Try $1-1.5 million. Maybe.

    The one thing I don’t like is the lack of any real cabinet space or even counter space in the kitchen. Pissy elegant isn’t always practical.

  • Those busts on either side of the sofa are kinda creepy. For some reason “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” comes to mind.