What You Get From Knocking Down Old Apartments and Building New Ones at Fountain View and San Felipe

Rendering of the Hudson Apartments, Fountain View at Inwood, Briargrove, Houston

Tanglewood Court Apartments, 5885 San Felipe St., HoustonFor all of you keeping score, the bounties of Briargrove-area apartment demolition should should now be clear. Arising from the site of the 634-unit courtyard-style Tanglewood Court Apartments on the almost-18-acre site on the southeast corner of San Felipe and Fountain View (knocked down last year and pictured at right), there will soon be a corner bank with drive-thru, a new 88,000-sq.-ft. H-E-B (moving west from down the street, and “modeled after” the chain’s Montrose Market), a 32,000-sq.-ft. strip center, and — announced yesterday — a new 5-story 431-unit garage-wrapping apartment block called the Hudson and featuring a reverse-Alamo-style tab (illustrated above) at the top of its garage entrance for some reason. Oh, yeah, also gained in the equation: A sea of concrete for the retail parking lot:


Tanglewood Court Site Plan

The Hudson will sit on the southern 5.3 acres of the site, below the site plan shown above, between the H-E-B and Inwood Dr. The Tanglewood Court Apartments, once known along with its surviving siblings to the south as the Three Fountains Apartments, were built in 1969.

Rendering: ZOM Texas. Photo: Rent.com. Site Plan: Fidelis Realty Partners

What Tanglewood Webs We Weave

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  • Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a Chase branch and a nail place. Maybe even a dry cleaners.

  • If they are “modeling after the montrose market” maybe they could take a cue from the parking lot there. That’s probably one of the nicest, most well designed large parking lots in the city. And its pretty simple: just sacrifice about 12 parking spaces per row and add some green space.

  • As a neighbor, I am excited about the new HEB but concerned that the “sea of concrete” will mean that you will actually need a boat to navigate the surrounding streets after a good rain. Also, I hope we will get more exciting independent retailers. There are already 2 urgent care facilities a short boat ride away. Are we really that accident prone?

  • Hey Jo-Jo. You are right on my brother. Nail salon, bank, dry cleaners. They done did it. Stay safe.



    HeB 88,000
    2. Mercantile Commerce Bank 3,500
    3. la Madeleine 4,800
    4. Pronto 3,200
    5. the Joint 1,200
    6. AvAilAble 4,680
    7. Memorial Hermann 4,800
    8. C-nails & spa 1,440
    9. shi salon 1,200
    10. Voque Cleaners 1,400
    11. leASe PeNDiNG 1,200
    12. AvAilAble 4,580
    13. leASe PeNDiNG 3,500
    total Gl a: 123,500

  • The new apartments are nice but that site plan is awful! There is no need for such a huge parking lot. What a Waist. That was a great location for a nice mixed use development and instead we are getting another suburban shopping center. That is just horrible!

  • It’s not horrible dear boy, it’s just Houston beinh Houston –concrete for miles and miles–tear down paradise and put up a parking lot should be the city motto

  • The signage for the Hudson is quite unique (it reminds me of 1940s/50s-era business signs). It’s a nice departure of the usual name-in-gold-leaf-scripted-font-etched-in-stone that is the defacto standard these days.

  • I was excited until I got to the parking lot. Makes this a meh project now.

  • Apts look cool….but the development looks like suburbific crap.

  • A sea of parked cars? Lovely. Is it too late to suggest hiring a landscape architect to add life to the eyesore?

  • To those moaning on about the parking lot, where did you expect the H.E.B. crowd to park? Somewhere on Westheimer? Not unless you have some infantile hipster idea that at the most there will only be about a dozen cars parked in front of H.E.B. I know most hipster’s food magically appears in their lofts (or whatever ultracool abode you reside in), but in the real world, people transport their foodstuffs to their own place by a vehicle and this is STILL Houston, home of the non-existent transportation system because all the Transportation Planners here drive 8 cylinder SuperDuty Extended cab pickups and actually live in the Woodlands now.