What’s Been Cooking for So Long at Phil’s Texas Barbecue

Yes, that’s the former Southwest Muffler and Brake building at the corner of Heights Blvd. and Washington Ave., under new design management. At last, reports a reader, there’s a sign out front indicating the impending opening of Phil’s Texas Barbecue. And in such a tiny little 7,000-sq.-ft. building!

Our reader comments:

While I welcome the addition to the Washington corridor, this place violates Rule No. 1 of successful eatery: a restaurant that spends too much money on looks spends not enough on food. Consider me a hopeful skeptic.

And you haven’t even seen the landscaping yet! Construction has been ongoing since last September. When will those ribs be ready?

An earlier view of that front patio:


And of the building as it was:

Photos of Phil’s Texas Barbecue, 110 S. Heights Blvd.: Swamplot inbox (top); Phil’s Texas Barbecue (middle); Fred Eats Houston (bottom)

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  • Well in all fairness, there was a lot to tear down with this building before they could start rebuilding it. It might have been faster to tear the whole thing down and start over.. Wish I had some before pics to remind myself tho. :)

  • I wonder how Hickory Hollow feels about getting out-cooled?

  • Although I am glad they fixed up the eyesore that was the muffler shop, I will always be a loyal patron to Hickory Hollow. They have been there for years and will be there long after this young yuppie ed hardy trendy place is gone.

  • Seriuosly, how can a BBQ joint (if that is what they plan to be) be a young yuppie trendy place. I doubt it will be like Sawyer Park, which claims to be a “sports bar”.

  • Another restuarant is nice, but another BBQ to compete with several already in the area? I wish other ethnic foods (especially Asian) would come to Washington/Heights area. On a side note, it’s another reason Beaver’s should have stayed with orangic BBQ which was doing okay and it kept them unique in all of Houston.

  • I just hope they don’t use, but probably will, the Southern Pride gas barbecue pits Robb Walsh mentioned in a recent Houston Press review. Nothing can beat an old, charred, pit filled with smoky goodness and a decent pit boss. Otherwise, why bother?


  • I wonder what happened to those old cars that used to sit in that parking lot. Some of them had been there at least 10 years.

  • the sign today says now open for business, so we’ll find out soon enough.

  • Hickory Hollow sucks. It won’t take much to be better. I wish Phil’s well.

  • I’m already suspicious of Phil’s because, for some reason, they feel the need to clarify that it is “Texas” Barbecue.

  • Had the pork sandwich today with a dribble of sauce and found it quite favorful, moist and tender. Two doses of the slaw went well and the bread for sandwich deserves a plus. Place does have yuppie feel but to an old fart like me it is moist and tender pork that sets the tone of a BBQ joint. Hang in there Phil’s

  • Hopefully, the owners of Rudy’s will jump at the opportunity and finally open their first location inside the loop