What’s Brewing at the New Fifth Ward Saint Arnold HQ

Fifth Ward correspondents Vaughn and Terri Mueller drive by the building at 2000 Lyons St., across the railroad tracks from Hennessey Park — the future location for the Saint Arnold Brewery. And they notice the gate and a wide strip of the building open to view:

There aren’t any signs around the old HISD food service building exclaiming that Saint Arnold’s is moving in, but take a quick drive around the block and and it sure looks like a brewery inside. The expansion is still under construction but there is a large door (or unfinished wall) that is open to one of the side streets. . . . You can see some of the fermentation tanks in the corner. One of the only signs at the construction site is for the construction company “Clifford Jackson Contractors.”


Tanks! The Muellers report that on later visits the gate and that big door to get them in have been closed.

Photos: Vaughn and Terri Mueller

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  • aaahhh Beer! I look forward to many more parties at the brewery w/out the trek up 290, now I’m thirsty

  • It’ll be a great facility when it opens!

    Glad to see they’ll get out of the commercial warehouse park they are in right now.

  • What better place to have the first Swamplot Social?

    When the new brewery is up and running I will inquire into using it as a venue for Swamplot regulars to gather, nametags inscribed with our noms de Swamp, for beer and good cheer.

    Does this sound like fun?

  • …and at the first social…the cost of admission could be a remnant from one’s favorite demo site.

  • I drive by it every day and its moving along quite nicely but still has quite a ways to go.

  • We should gather before then…plans in progress…

  • I can’t wait to go check out the new site, while sippin on a Christmas Ale or Winter Stout of course!

  • Hello, I’m Carol and me and my IPad Storytelling group happened to cover the St. Arnold Brewery for our project. So we’re making some videos. With permission, may I use the photos here for our video? I will give you credit.