What’s Coming to The Woodlands’ Mitchell Island

A longtime resident of The Woodlands has been piecing together clues from online sources about the very quiet plans for the development of Mitchell Island — the only island in Lake Woodlands: “When East Shore was first announced in the 2000s, developers planned to turn the island into a clubhouse for East Shore residents to enjoy and maybe put a few commerical office buildings in there too. In recent years that plan has clearly shifted. With Hughes Landing a couple hundred yards down the lake housing many office buildings and the East Shore Clubhouse already constructed and recently opened this summer at a different location in East Shore, it is clear plans for the Mitchell Island are different.

So, what’s going in there?


A private, gated community of 19 residential lots that’ll be put up for sale at prices between $1.5 million to $3 million — just for the land. The Woodlands Development Company, says the reader, “is clearly moving forward” with the 10-acre island development: “A bridge is already constructed and roads on the island are in place, but I have not heard much about it in the news.”

Photo: Trey Dean. Map: The Woodlands Township

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  • $3 mil for a vacant lot in the Woodlands? Now I’ve seen it all.

  • That sounds pricey for just the lot but you have to consider that the location is technically as close to the “Woodlands Downtown” as possible. The Woodlands on purpose held back some of the most premier land in the development till everything was done, including Carlton Woods which already runs at over 1 million per acre lots and it’s at least 6 miles west. So, it could technically be compared to the lots around the River Oaks Country club (bot on a lake).

  • The kind of folks buying those lots use helicopters (therefore no traffic) and occupy the places only a few days a year during the ‘nice’ season (no humidity, skeeters, etc). So they look to them like $3 million properties. Gotta understand the high-end zeitgeist.

  • Can we please please please figure out the “core” of The Woodlands and generate 300 responses with exact longitudes and sales demographics etc…..to compete with the who cares Comment of the Day.

  • The “core” of The Woodlands is of course the mall.

  • The “core” of The Woodlands can never leave the Woodlands, which makes for limited extrapolating into the future, and isn’t nearly as interesting to think about.