What’s Coming Up Next in the Swamplot Awards

We’re down to just one award category still open for your nominations in this year’s Swampies. That would be the Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate, 2009. You can help make this award great by contributing your suggestions! But we’ll need to receive them before the crack of dawn tomorrow.

Yesterday we announced the official nominees and opened the voting for the “Only in Houston” Award. We’ll be doing the same for our neighborhood categories Most Underappreciated Neighborhood, Most Overappreciated Neighborhood, and Neighborhood of the Year — next. They’ll be followed by Grocery Store of the Year.

The rules for voting and voting a second time have been posted. Here’s a list of all the categories that are now open for voting. If you’ve already voted, you can still help your favored candidates along by telling your friends about the contests!

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