What’s Going On Beside the Hermann Dr. Highrise?

A reader wants in on the scoop with this swath of fenced-in property, bound by Ewing, Jackson, and Hermann Drive in Museum Park: “There has been a lot of surveying and staking of the empty lot . . . between The Parklane highrise and The Plaza Museum District condos. Off-and-on for a month, Bury Partners personnel have been surveying both the perimeter and interior of the property as well as inspecting the sewer access on Hermann Drive. Any thoughts on what this means?”

Photo: Allyn West

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  • Bye bye to those mature trees on the lot.

  • I heard that Hermann Park was hoping to acquire it… let’s hope they did.

  • Great. Allen Prkwy, Memorial Drive and Hermann Drive should be lines with high rises.

  • They are going to gift the land to Hermann Park to help turn the new addition to the garden center into a full fledged botanical garden that will be twice the size as the current center. It will be fully funded by area developers as their “thank you note” to Houstonians for all the success they have enjoyed working in the city. The only condition to the gift and the project is that the Astros must win the 2013 World Series, Rick Perry declares his candidacy for presidential nominee for the Green Party, and Beyoncé will commit the rest of her career to recreating authentic Czech polkas on the accordion.

  • Could be new apt I heard about

  • Bury + Partners? Great…. Come on over to Richmond and Jack street amd see what they did across from Brooklyn Athletic Club.

    They purchase the property before it was included into our First Montrose Commons and demolished all the previous structures to put up only what can be described as a monstrosity. Drive out of downtown on Spur 527 and check it out.

  • I hope it’s mixed use with highrises and midrises made up of residential, retail, office, and hotel space !!!!!!

  • @oldschool–that was a cruel joke–I really thought at first you were serious –too bad

  • @kineticdev-bury partners is a engineering/surveying company. They wouldn’t own the property or any have any influence on the architecture.

  • It will become a dog park

  • Bury + Partners means that it will most likely be apartments.

  • high rise apartments

  • @ Old School:that was funny. @STX: you take things way TOO seriously and didn’t read between the lines: those scenarios would NEVER happen in Houston! This IS Houston:the land of constant change,re-invention, lots of development /re-development, tear downs of character/historic structures all for the sake of “new & improved” construction and the Almighty $$$$ !!!!