What’s New About a Remade 1960 Walnut Bend Mod

What’s happened to this storied Walnut Bend Mod by Robert Pine from the 1960 Houston Chronicle Parade of Homes since it last appeared on Swamplot in 2010? Well, it finally soldfor $120K — the following year. (In 2014, it traded hands again, for approximately $287K, without making an appearance on MLS.) Also, new windows were cut into the living room and master bathroom, adding openings to the once-blank stone-faced walls on the front facade. There’s also this brand new screened-in patio, inserted between the carport and the main house in back, like so:


. . . creating this space:

The kitchen has been redone as well, and leaks around its clerestory windows repaired:

Similar clerestories peek into the front loggia, over the entrance:

The home’s 16-ft.-wide living-dining-family-room expanse still runs along the home’s eastern edge, now with that extra south-facing window in front:

Though now the French doors at the back lead into the new screen porch:

The home is now up for sale again, listed with an asking price of $479,000 since mid-November.

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  • I read the older posts. Laughing at the “that far out”.

    I used to think that until I moved to this neighborhood from the inner loop. Still commute downtown.

    As for our little mod out here, we have been very happy. We mourned our terrazzo floors in living areas, the piers sunk into them and other damage made us decide to cover them.

    We saved the terrazzo in the bathrooms, though. Lots of other mid-mid touches remain including the original floor plan and fireplace.

    There are some nice homes out here. If you’re lucky like us, you can still be the second owner of a comfortable mid-mod that the original owners only muddled slightly.

  • The new front windows are just so wrong….
    The landscaping is weak also.

  • Just looked at the older threads on this place. This one is officially a remuddle!!

  • Just so ya know, seeing the conversation history on this property didn’t scare us off. The new owner is looking forward to embracing the delightful mid-century spirit of this little gem while adding a twist or two. If you have any good leads on affordable MCM furniture, hook me up, please!