What’s New About a Sunset Heights Bungalow

After decades of conformity, the house at 415 Aurora St. recently set itself apart from the other old bungalows on the block between Arlington and Columbia streets. So long to the pale green paintjob that left it camouflaged in with the lawn and the landscaping; the house wears all black now. And in the spots where typical siding once finished off the roof gables, big glass openings have taken over.

The view they afford, from the loft at the top of the spiral staircase:


Step across zebra rug downstairs on your way back to the dining area:

and the kitchen just beyond it . . .

. . . which includes its own piece of animal-derived decor:

The house hit the market yesterday at an asking price of $748,000.

Back off a separate hallway, there’s this quiet space:

As well as a master bedroom . . .

and non-master bedroom, with adjacent bathroom home to a clawfoot tub and knockoff van Gogh above the toilet:

Out back, a small patio gives way to some rocky ground and the neighbors to the north:

In the Black

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  • How extra hot is that black paint job going to be when the midsummer sun beats down on it? I hope they have a good SEER rating on their AC.

  • I’m happy to see a bungalow stayin’ alive but I don’t love this re-do. Old bungalows are great IMO expressly for their room divisions and sizes, for the trim details like casing, columns… So, I am missing all of those!

  • Dude, that’s pretty sick, I love it

  • It’s like the Darth Vader house on Buffalo Speedway and University had a baby. Or maybe a photo negative version of the modern Victorian farmhouse trend.

  • Lol Old School! Back in the day I climbed on that stupid nose piece on a dare in front of that house.

  • There goes the neighborhood. !!! As in property values hence home owners and property tax rates go up too. Which leads to more OVER-development..It adds to the ever increasing over development of Houston’s cool, old neighborhoods. Into soul less new construcion homes, apts, retail.

  • that loft looks useless. Are they counting that in the square footage?

  • To borrow a term from the lowrider community, this house has been murdered out.

  • Thanks for the humor, Old School. That’s kinda a bungalow. Reminds me, have you noticed the number of restaurants with depressing black and dark grey exteriors. I can think of a couple that have gone out of business. Why is this trend popular in sunny, hot, humid Houston?

  • This black is cool… perspectively.
    Landscape could use a bit more flare and less Lowe’s. :)
    Otherwise, amazing.

  • It’s nice enough, but $748k???

  • Maybe the upstairs loft is going to be some hot yoga space – with no HVAC vents, those south-facing triangular windows just above all that black, etc., you’re gonna be like frying bacon up there come August.