What’s Next for Coca-Cola’s 6 Soon-to-Close Houston Facilities?

WHAT’S NEXT FOR COCA-COLA’S 6 SOON-TO-CLOSE HOUSTON FACILITIES? Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages’ new million-sq.-ft. facility in Hines’ Pinto Business Park at I-45 and Beltway 8 won’t be complete for another 2 years — reports the Chronicle’s Paul Takahashi — giving the franchisee time to make plans for the 6 existing locations it’s looking to close as part of the consolidation. Among them: the 343,118-sq.-ft. bottling plant pictured above that’s stood at 2800 Bissonnet, 2 blocks west of Kirby, since 1950. Less than half its size is the bottler’s Pecan Park plant off the South Loop at Berkley St. Three smaller outer-Loop warehouse and distribution centers — in Conroe, Brittmoore, and Channelview — are also set to expire, as well as one off I-45 in Glenbrook. [Houston Chronicle] Photo of 2800 Bissonnet St.: RoadArchitecture

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  • ugh….soon to be another mixed use apartment farm

  • I went on a field trip to that Bissonett bottling plant in 1976 in second grade. I’ve wondered if they still use that auditorium on the West end of the plant. I’ll miss that place for some reason.

  • We’ll miss it in West U. Always felt u were coming home.

  • Yes, West U Elementary should brace itself for an extra 100+ students to add to the 1300 it currently has. Roll some more temporary buildings onto the playground.

  • Someone should be an Ashby-style, 30 story high rise right in the heart of West U !

  • Another Houston iconic building going bye-bye. Remember all the field trips back in the 60’s touring the plant. Always got the mini Coke bottle as souvenir.

  • @Danny, except for the segment between Community Dr. and Academy St., the north side of Bissonnet is in the city of Houston, not West U. That bottling plant in 77005 is in Houston.

  • The Bissonet site is roughly the same size as 10-block 4th ward blocks (or 6 or so downtown blocks). And it’s just outside the clutches of West U’s zoning board. Someone could do something interesting here if they wanted.

  • A grid of streets will be laid over the site first. The blocks this creates will be then filled with a mixture of strip retail and “Houston wrap” apartment/parking garage combos. There will be marketing blather about “urban lifestyles” , “this is what millennials want” etc.

  • Oh, my stars, apartments! What will we do (wrings hands). It’s the middle of Houston–needs to be commercial or apartments. Too much whining about sprawl on this page, but when a site truly teed up for dense development comes up, the whining about apartments and commercial commences.

  • Turn the whole damn site into a park !

  • I’m not against commercial and apartments on this site, I just wish the architectural design of the stuff was better than what we’re probably going to get here.