What’s Next for That Museum District Never-Was?

“There’s a lot that’s recently been cleared immediately behind the Asia Society,” reports a reader. You know the one, at the corner of Oakdale and Caroline St.? The one whose owners refused to sell, forcing Asia Society architect Yoshio Taniguchi to design around it? Where there was that 1930s vine-covered home being used as a doctor’s office that was supposed to be sold and renovated into a restaurant, but never was?

Well, in February, 5219 Caroline appeared in the Daily Demolition Report. And this photo taken from the median shows what the site looks like now. The reader continues:

All of the neighbors have questioned who owns the property and what is to happen to it. According to HCAD it appeared to be owned by Balcor, the company behind the rather unpopular Parc Binz. . . . We’re wondering if the Asia Society is trying to buy the land . . . [T]he neighbors who live in the town homes across from Asia Society have complained that the social events held on site tend to be quite loud, quite late. Overall, the neighborhood couldn’t be happier to have this organization in its bounds. And, if they were to own that land, if only they’d open a little gourmet coffee shop. That would please hundreds of people. . . . I’ve heard from Asia Society . . . that they’re trying to purchase the land. I think there is something more going on there — but no one is talking at this point.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • heard they are planning to build a restaurant, which i think will be great for the neighborhood… not sure what all the fuss is about

  • It’s a 347 story highrise with a giant sun umbrella on top.

  • Just a note that not all the neighborhood complains about the noise from the Asia Society. Actually, I think it’s excellent that the society holds lively social functions. Keep ’em coming and do let us know when the next one is scheduled via CultureMap. Cheers.

  • Don’t make enough money or donate anything so can’t comment or care less.

    S E L A V I E

  • Luxury apartments with first floor retail

  • Echoing #3. I live down the street and LOVE the Asia Society. They have been throwing some events that are simply wonderful for the neighborhood.

  • who writes this stuff? boring…. not news