What’s Next for Briar Hollow Once the Tree Tops Apartments Get Stumped?

WHAT’S NEXT FOR BRIAR HOLLOW ONCE THE TREE TOPS APARTMENTS GET STUMPED? Neighbors have begun whispering of a 10-story apartment building from The Finger Companies that could go in place of the abandoned Tree Tops at Post Oak complex at 4510 Briar Hollow Pl. It’s not out of the question: An entity linked to Finger bought the 2.3-acre property in July and has since submitted plans to the city to reshape it. Nobody’s lived in the 2 existing 3-story buildings since last August, at which time the water level topped out at about the ceiling of the ground-floor units according to an observer nearby. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • This will be interesting to say the least. This area is prone to flooding; unless my observation of cleaning crews vacuum vans after a rain event is just coincidental. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of water flow will change with the new development.

  • You know it’ll flood the below grade/grade level parking garage(s) . Those tenants will be PISSED @ Marvy Finger…Plus his home in RO hasn’t flooded.Yet !!

  • TIL that Marvy Finger is still alive.