What’s That Static on the Line?

WHAT’S THAT STATIC ON THE LINE? There is nothing wrong with your internet set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Swamplot is improving the transmission today — with a move to a new server and a few more changes. We’ll be turning off commenting for a bit, too, so hold those thoughts and save them for us on the flip side. It may take a bit of time for identifying info about Swamplot’s new location to propagate across the internets, though, so pardon the staticky bits. Photo: Tony Young [license]

4 Comment

  • The update looks really nice. Well done!

  • I disagree…I don’t like it, but maybe I will get used to it. In the meantime, the image resolution is horrible and makes the photos blurry. I am not I/T person, but I imagine it’s a relatively easy fix.

  • The RSS feed doesn’t load the entire post now… no photos or line breaks, just one mass of non-formatted words. Bummer for people that scan tons of blogs and don’t have time to click on each post and read separately on the website :(

  • The main page doesnt show number of comments. I thought it used to. I am hear to read the comments as much as the other content.