What’s That Thing on Ovid?

A reader sends photos of this construction site on Ovid St. in the First Ward, two blocks west of Houston Ave. . . . along with questions:

Can you pls tell me what is going into 1611 Ovid St? . . . It’s been an abandoned warehouse belonging to Bradford Warehouse. Construction began last summer n has been ongoing. I heard a rumor that it’s being converted to lofts, which I am excited about. But have been unable to verify. I’m hoping it’s not [starting] up as a warehouse. . . . Wondering what is fact.

The long view:


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • According to City of Houston permit records the owner is still Bradford Innovation Corporation and they have permitted hurricane damage repairs.

  • So nothing then? I guess it’ll still be warehouse space.

  • He who moves into a “warehouse” district can only expect to live next to warehouse(s). Still, VAST improvement over in that area.