When Sprawl Reaches the Sam Houston National Forest; How the First Ward Became So Artist-Friendly

Food Store, Main St. at Lamar St., Downtown Houston

Photo of Food Store at Main and Lamar: Christopher Hysinger via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Today’s Headlines photo brought quite a shock — I couldn”t believe the Sweeney’s Jewelers logo is still in the terrazzo at the food store entrance on Main! Back when Harry and Aron Gordon owned that jewelry store, I used to do the print media ads for Sweeney’s and its upscale sister stores in the Gordon chain.

    The exterior of that building got its first modernization in the post-WWII years. Prior to that, it was Everitt-Buelow, an exclusive women’s clothing store whose elaborate white facade with Italian glazed terracotta accents was designed by Joseph Finger. I’ve always wondered if any of the original bits and piece are still hiding underneath the “remodeling”?

  • Regarding the cover photo, that store – and the other $0.99 store just down the block – could be such catalysts for further development along Main St. if they were re-purposed for better use. They are haven for transients downtown. It’d be great to see them turned into patio restaurants that could take advantage of the fountains there along Main St.

    I’m sure they have been on the Houston First/Downtown Mgmt District’s radar for a while. Anyone know the story behind the owners? They could flip the property now for a fortune……and reveal those old facades that have been covered up.

  • The .99 store has a pretty significant check cashing business and I imagine a pretty significant fee associated with it as well. These stores are at the crossroads of downtown where trains and buses converge and it is usually very lively and interesting all day long every day. It also goes from busy to desolate in seconds especially at Main and McKinney when the police come around on horseback.

  • Busy people who work downtown and people who are not familiar with downtown need that store. It’s not the best but it is a convenience store. Is there anything similar nearby that serves the most basic needs that this store provides for a busy area?

  • @Kay, there is a CVS few doors down on Main. They have Rx, milk, cigarettes, beer/wine, blah blah blah. They just don’t cash checks and close at 9pm.