When They’re Serious About Selling: Bridgeland at 90 Percent Off

An amused reader points Swamplot to the HAR listing shown above for a newly discounted home in Bridgeland. Conveniently, HAR highlights MLS listing price drops — and the occasional price correction — of a certain weight. And which one is this? The price for this 4-year-old “hardly lived in” 4,061-sq.-ft. home was adjusted downward by a little more than $4 million on . . . April Fools Day.

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  • Despite the multi-million dollar savings, I would never pay almost half a million dollars to live in or near Cypress. Seriously though, could someone in the real ‘state realm explain why picture #16 is/ was a good idea? I’m not sure what is supposed to be the selling point of that particular pic. Is the ladder to the attic that hot of an amenity? Is it an upgrade not worth mentioning?

  • Yes, but this house has ‘porte cache’!

  • I think someone got a little too happy with the zeros when they were initially entering this listing. I have seen this happen in a few other instances. MLS is not very forgiving of typos, so you cant erase, you just, ahem, adjust.

  • That’s karma – what Bridgewood gets for messing with the country roads out there.

  • I just want to know how you end up with a street named “Partners Voice.”

  • har har.com

  • Not only one too many zeros, but someone missed the 3 and typed 4 instead.

  • I think “Partners Voice” goes quite well with the other gems in the neighborhood like “Kirbys Knack” and “Juniors Map”

  • San Antonio’s got interesting street names like Valley Pawn, Midnight Stage, and Just My Style. It’s what happens when more subdivisions get built. They run out of street names and get creative.