Where All the Chick-fil-As Are Lining Up, from Pearland to Webster

With the newest location coming to the Pearland Pkwy. pad site shown at the center of the image above in the Centre at Pearland Parkway shopping center just behind the H-E-B fronting Broadway, the density of Chick-fil-A restaurants in an axis stretching from FM 518 in Pearland to I-45 in Webster is fast approaching Texas Medical Center–level concentration, and may soon exceed it. (There are 4 Chick-fil-As in the TMC area, 3 of them conveniently located inside hospitals — though no drive-thrus.)

Less than 2 miles to the west along Broadway from the pictured location (expected to open in January) is the Chick-fil-A at FM 518 and Dixie Farm Rd.; further to the east are the spots in the Baybrook Mall and along the Gulf Fwy. at El Dorado Blvd. Between them, and possibly on the horizon, looms the planned Chick Fil A location at the intersection of FM 518 and Leisure Ln. in Friendswood. The owners of that property withdrew a rezoning application that would have allowed restaurant uses on that site after residents complained before the Friendswood City Council in April that adding the Chick-fil-A would make the city too much like Pearland. But a new rezoning request for the same property is up for consideration with the council this week, and the owners tell the Chronicle‘s Dana Guthrie that Chick-fil-A is still very interested in building a restaurant there.

Site plan detail, Centre at Pearland Parkway: Stream Retail

FM 518, Chicken Alley

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  • fun fact: each Chik-fil-a is independently owned and operated. Large franchising operations cannot own more than one.

  • Haha – So Friendswood peeps are concerned that having a too-similar ratio of chains will make their bland suburban lamescape indistinguishable from Pearland. I just snorted coffee into my nose…

  • Given the company’s ultra-conservative stand on social issues, I don’t eat there. It’s not hard, though, since the one time I had some food, the chicken was mushy and over-salted.

  • Given the company’s ultra-tasty stand on chicken and milk shakes, I do eat there. It’s not hard, though, since the chicken is good and the shakes chocolately. Do wish they hadn’t switched away from peanut oil for the fries though.

  • Pollo frito en un bollo caliente con dos pepinillos no es dificil…. Es mucho sabor!!!!

  • I will eat at Chick-Fil-A regardless of the owner’s ultra-conservative stand on social issues. It’s gooooooood. I have never been to a CFA who didn’t want my gay-tainted money or that turned me away for holding my partners hand or shoving fries in his mouth. In fact, at times I have felt more welcomed into a CFA than in my own LGBT community.

    If you really dig into the organizations and businesses you support, you’ll find that most have practices and views that you can disagree with. If we all boycotted them based on those oppositions, we would be walking around town while naked and starving.

    On another note, since when has Friendswood and Pearland been indistinguishable? The suburbs all look the same to me.