Where Are Houston’s Modern Add-Ons?

One of the reasons Brookesmith resident Vicki Scarpato bought the 1890 cottage on Archer St. pictured above last year was because of the 2009 Modern addition at the back: “I love the mix,” she says. Her home is next door to the modern structure architect Jeromy Murphy designed for his family and not far from the Cordell St. shipping-container house — all in a neighborhood that she calls “an interesting mix of beautiful new modern, Victorian cottages in various states of repair, and only a very few instances of three-to-a-lot townhouses.” Here are some pics of the back:


More in the retired listing.

Scarpato asks: “Do you know of other houses in Houston with modern additions to otherwise traditional cottages or buildings?  I did a bit of googling but figured if anyone had a line on this it would be Swamplot.” Or better: our readers.

Photos of 414 Archer St.: HAR

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  • We’re doing the modern box renovation/remodel in the Heights – a bit of a contrast from a few of the other local “renovations” that tend to renovate _to the ground_.

    Just a simple metal-roofed addition with a wrap-around deck.
    Lots of photos of the house in-progress at our tumblr – including this little architectural cut-out:

    Designed and built by Brett Zamore Design.

  • There is a beautiful turn of the century with a modern addition in the Woodland Heights. For the owners’ privacy, I won’t include their address. But, I will include a link to the architect’s website showcasing the house:


  • I love the contemmporary additions to the bungalows. And the new build contemporaries. I hate the ones that look like Kingwood homes, or towering Tuscans.

  • We’re planning a modern addition on the back of our 1929 bungalow in Montrose. We don’t want to mess too much with the bungalow, so we’re planning on building a separate building in the back with a connecting enclosed passageway.

  • I love the single story modern additions. The two story camelbacks, just can’t get on board with aesthetically, but its not my house and the front elevation is still wonderfully turn of the century, so I daren’t critisize.

    One day though, I want a mid-century modern ranch. There are several for sale that I would do up beautifully if I was in the right position to buy.

  • ((Hi ‘Stina!))

    This whole thing came about b/c the SO is renovating a restaurant, and was trying to leverage that work into work on our house with his contractors. Probably just daydreams, but if we *were* going to add to the house again, I was looking for inspiration on what to do. Or more accurately, what NOT to do!

  • Blake: I live on Hawthorne near that house and walk by it all the time. I love it!

  • While I will like to claim full credit for designing my house, more credit should go to the real architect, my wife, Lori.
    We love Brookesmith. This is definitely an up and coming neighborhood.

  • :)

  • Old 6th Ward has lots of these!

  • Looks “quaint” from the front. Love the porch.

    Or is it supposed to just look that way?

  • I like this a lot. Love that area too. What kind of rock did you use for the yard? I’m thinking about doing the same thing.

  • Me too, northside girl! I’d love details on the landsaper.

  • Northside Girl:
    I think it’s just the cheap landscape gravel from Home Depot. It’s pretty, but beware if you’re a barefoot sort of a person: it’s sharp!

    What way are you wondering if it’s supposed to just look?

  • There is a bungalow on the NW corner of the intersection of 15th and Tulane that has an addition that nicely marries modern elements with the traditional craftsmen design. With a very skilled touch, craftsmen design can lend itself very nicely to modern design elements.

  • It doesn’t look like the jagged white marble you can buy at home depot. Will the owner please chime in? :)

  • I am the owner.

    It’s sharp. Promise.

  • Don’t forget the best source for a variety of rock and stone, plus expertise: San Jacinto Stone, on Yale at I-10.

  • Vicki, Your home is charming! And ditto on Yale Stone. I like that they offer same day (and sometimes same hour) delivery!

  • I don’t know if it’s taboo to ask…but is anyone willing to share the architect of the Archer addition? I would like to do something similar to my Brooke Smith home.

  • Brooke Smith Too: I pinged the former owner to see if she is willing to share that information.

    If you ever want to come by and see it, you’re more than welcome.

  • Unfortunately, info on the architect/deisgner of my addition isn’t available. Sorry y’all!