Where Bissonnet Meets Beechnut, and New Retail Defeats Old

Demolition of Robindell Shopping Center, 6711-6751 Bissonnet St. at Beechnut, Robindell, Houston

Can’t get enough of that old-shopping-center-knock-down action? Here, courtesy of the Brays Oaks management district, is a view of the carnage currently in progress at the Robindell Shopping Center, where the empty hulls of a slew of colorfully named businesses arrayed from 6711 to 6755 Bissonnet St. are meeting dusty ends. Hello to a new Aldi and company. But before that, a goodbye to Bigwick Liquor, Libreria Cristiana El Resplendor, Ana’s Multi Services, La Sultana Pupuseria, Delta X-Ray, Cute-Cut Salon $5, Eyebrow Threading Salon, and Trudi’s Birria de Chivo. Your ice cream at neighboring Baskin-Robbins will be spared.

Photo: Brays Oaks Management District

Make Way for Aldi

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  • A good addition to the neighborhood. Robindell is becoming more and more desirable as folks are getting priced out of Westbury. It’s got some great mid century homes.

  • Is there any word on whether or not this store is going to be built? Since the demo there has been 0 progress.

  • Looks like the demo is done and a brick building is taking shape. Aldi announced they will now be accepting credit cards, so I’m looking forward to this location.