Where Downtown Streets Are Closing for Today’s Trump Rally; Another Sushi Burrito Spot Coming to Town

Photo of container home under construction on McGowen St. between Hutchins and St. Emanuel streets: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • container house looks like a mistake

  • Christians and their hypocrisy. Screaming murder regarding abortions but advocate for loose gun laws. Maybe firearms do not cause bloodshed?

    If you outlaw abortions, you should also outlaw firearms. Both cause death!

    I get it though. Jesus speaks to you and says guns are okay..

  • What does a rally full of hate and bigotry have to do with Swamplot, a Houston real estate blog??? Unless the website owner is a Trump sympathizer/supporter? Some of us have left social media/websites/forums because of the constant politics. Keep politics off this website or continue opening a can of worms that truly doesn’t belong here.

  • @Eddie road closures is relevant, sort of.

    Standing inline for early voting. Christians support DUI deaths and don’t care about driving on the wrong side of the freeway. Why not outlaw alcohol? Alcohol is a serious drug..

    Cigarettes and cancer? Jesus wants people to die like that? God bless

  • @Eddie -to be fair, it affects land values and job markets if the rest of the country thinks Houston is Trump Country. I am temporarily living out of the state, and nobody from north of the Mason Dixon line that I’ve met (under the age of 40) seems to thinks any part of Texas other than Austin has any blue leanings — nor the trendy and desirable gentrified neighborhoods that tend to follow

  • HEB- outlaw all guns? From cops, military, security guards, BB guns, cap guns, pop-tart guns, etc? Is “loose gun laws” even a thang, like “loose murder laws” I guess?

  • Well, it actually does happen to be true that, other than Austin, the blue areas of Texas tend to be lockstep center-left…minus any concept of environmental protection (which is at least slightly important to people in other parts of the country).
    So overall Texas’s blue areas tend to be slightly to the right of middle, un-ironically alongside some really old-school pro-slavery Democrats.

  • @saturnflytrap

    The lack of granularity in most election result maps leads most people to an incorrect assessment about the nation’s politics (ie. blue vs red states). You need to go much further to see a clear picture of how we are divided. Look at a map of voting results by precinct instead. It quickly becomes apparent that the simplification that works best is urban vs suburban/rural. Areas that are commonly thought to be diametrically opposed politically (the “liberal” Pacific NW vs “conservative” Texas, for example) look remarkably similar on a precinct map – a sea of red punctuated by blue cities. The Mason Dixon line is irrelevant.

  • Bizarre example, considering a conservative in the Pacific Northwest is typically to the left of a Texas “liberal”…not to mention the urban/rural blue/red dichotomy holds up the least well there out of probably any region…