Where Hilton Will Be Putting Another Hotel on the Katy Fwy.

The sign in the dirt tells you all you need to know: Hilton plans to build one of its newish line of Home2 Suites here on the eastbound Katy Fwy. feeder between S. Mason and Westgreen Blvd. A reader sends in this photo and a few specs, writing that the proposed 60,000 sq.-ft. hotel will have 92 rooms and will link up with the exercise trails that run back behind the car dealerships along Mason Creek into George Bush Park.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I attribute this to light rail. Everything can be attributed to light rail.

  • . . . is this a big deal ?

  • and first floor retail. btw I sure like riding that trail at George Bush Park on my bike, well spent dollars.

  • Much of the property along Mason Creek was literally stolen from the homeowners that live between Westgreen and Fry Rd. The trail is a net “plus” to the area, but the way the county/MUD/Metro/Flood Control district “acquired” the land was, at very best, intentionally deceptive.

  • More details Mike, how was it deceptive

  • My understanding of the issue is that the property was plotted to the lots when the neighborhood was laid out and that the utility or the county worked with the original developer, Kickerillo, to re-title the property to the Flood Control. All of that was done without a word to the property owners from my understanding and solely for the development of the path.