Where Houston’s Next Rent-a-Bike Stations Will Be

As many as 8 new bike-sharing stations could open inside the Loop in the next 2 weeks. Will Rub, director of Houston B-Cycle, tells Swamplot that permits are in hand and the bikes forthcoming for these 5 stations: Spotts Park, at 401 S. Heights Blvd; the intersection of Taft and Fairview, at 2401 Taft St.; the Menil Collection, at 1529 W. Alabama St.; Leonel Castillo Community Center, which is undergoing a restoration at 2109 South St.; and the intersection of Milam and Webster, at 2215 Milam St.

And Rub adds that 3 other locations are just waiting for their permits: Stude Park, at 1031 Stude St., and 2 others east, for the first time, of the Southwest Fwy.: Settegast Park at Garrow and Palmer in the Second Ward, and Project Row Houses at Holman and Live Oak in the Third Ward. Rub expects those to be ready to roll September 19th or 20th.

Photo of station at Lamar and Milam: Reddit user txsupernova

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  • I would like one at Pacific and Stanford please thank you.

  • I’d like to see one at Westheimer and Dunlavy.

  • I’d like to see one in the middle west bound lane of the Katy Freeway so that bikers can finally get whats coming to them.

  • Also Waugh and Dallas

  • I wonder why street people always (and I mean always) pull up the seats on these bikes?

  • I’d like to see one in the East End on Navigation Blvd.

  • Great idea, if you’re financially stable enough to have a bank account or credit card. Which certainly limits their viability as a concept, not to mention those bikes may be the dorkiest thing on the road (probably purposefully).

  • From cm:
    Great idea, if you’re financially stable enough to have a bank account or credit card.”
    I had a bank account when I was 14 and a credit card soon after. And my first jobs were paper rout and making minimum wage ($4.25/hr baby!). Having a bank account and/or credit card isn’t something only for the elite 1%’ers.
    And honestly, if you don’t have either, I wouldn’t want to let you take off with my bike… But if you feel differently, install them in 3rd and 5th ward and rent them under an honor system.

  • Shhh, Cody, we’re not allowed to say things like that, personal responsibility is a taboo topic on the left.

  • How has this not better penetrated the Heights? I think Stude park will be the first location. It really should have started there to begin with as the primary people who use these is active young people, the bike trail is there, and it’s considerably easier to ride a bike in this area. For people who complain that this is not providing some ‘intended’ benefit for urban poor, I’m not sure it’s an immediate need to provide homeless citizens a method to commute to downtown Houston from their suburban McMansions. If it ends up being well off yuppies who use it than great for them for using it.

  • The Bike Share program in Houston has been a great addition to the city. Just today, while in downtown with my family I saw at least 15 – 20 cyclists on the bikes. And on nights when we do our large group rides through the city, you’d be lucky to find a bike still sitting at a station waiting for you. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll begin seeing more and more stations throughout the city and in all the right places.