Where Houston’s Wild Things Film

For this video to go with its song “Just a Memory,” Houston band Jealous Creatures set out to find a few untamed places in the middle of the city, reports band member (and Swamplot reader) Ian Hlavacek: “Our goal was to create a fantastical, natural environment using only inner-city, urban Houston settings, and although we only managed to fit in two shot locations I think we got the vibe we were looking for. One of the best parts about the whole thing was because these were pretty busy areas, we sometimes had an audience of very-amused strangers. Oh, and one very unamused security guard who didn’t particularly care for us being anywhere near her art — even inches away with foam chisels. But we got the shot anyway, and I swear the art is fine!”

Video: Jealous Creatures

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  • Furries on the Bayou.

  • Not sure if I can do this, but I’ll see if the Swamplot gods allow it: free copy of our CD to first person to name both sites! (need to be a little more specific, miss_msry. . .)

  • Ian,
    looks like the two locations are the MFAH sculpture garden and Eleanor Tinsley Park on Buffalo Bayou.

  • Nice song, and I liked the video!

    The first site is definitely the MFAH sculpture garden at Montrose and Bissonet (I’ve been kicked out by the guards there for rollerblading through a long time ago; I’m sure they were scared of your chisels!)

    The second is on Buffalo Bayou, probably along Allen Parkway but I don’t know specifically where that house thing is.

  • Eleanor Tinsley Park & the sculpture garden across Binz from the MOFA.

  • Cullen sculpture garden (montrose & bissonet) and buffalo bayou just south of Sawyer st overpass onto memorial in the middle of the disc golf course. I have lost several really good discs in that location….

  • Rusty wins! I think. Actually, I always kind of thought Eleanor Tinsley Park was just south of Buffalo Bayou, but I’m willing to admit I don’t know the exact boundaries. And I think Jeff is right about the sculpture garden officially being named the Cullen sculpture garden. . .but I’m not that mean. So, CD to Rusty, and thanks everyone for playing :) Now I have no idea how to actually fulfill that prize. I guess email me to (first name).(last name)@gmail.com, filling in the name info from the original post above. And if anyone else emails, I’ll see if we have any other swag we can give out.

  • AAAHH, but there were no Furries in the Noguchi designed Cullen Sculpture Garden, were there?

    PS. I met Noguchi there on opening day.

  • Hey Ian, good job! We really like the video