Where in Harris County You Shouldn’t Be Drinking the Water, and Where You Shouldn’t Have

Yes, there are spots where Harris County public health officials have determined it’s still not safe to drink the water. And here they are: Areas still under drinking-water advisories are marked in red in the above interactive map; areas where advisories issued after flooding resulting from Hurricane Harvey have already been lifted are marked in green. Click on each area and a popup or panel will provide details. The county promises to update the map every 24 hours. A full-browser-width version of the map is available here.

Map: Harris County Public Health

Harvey Maps

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  • Helpful info: DON’T ever drink Houston “water”. If people know what was in it, they wouldn’t water the plants/lawn nor bathe their animals in it. Full of agricultural “run-off” ,etc as the water comes from Lake Houston. Those subdivisions drain their “treated” effluent (aka sewage ) into Lake Houston. The City of Houston “treats” the water with fluoride & chlorine (two KNOWN carcinogens) and viola it’s somehow “drinkable”. No thank you. I’ll continue drinking PURER bottled REAL water. The taste of Houston water alone is gag worthy…

  • With all Houston’s craft beer operations, there is not reason to be drinking water.