Where Local Fruits and Vegetables Will Be Hanging Out in Katy

“We had gone to many places calling themselves farmers markets but their produce was coming in from California and Florida,” Susan Becker tells the Chronicle‘s Samira Rizvi. The 3,800-sq.-ft. Katy Fresh Produce Market she and her husband opened this week at 5026 East Third St. in Katy calls itself a farmers market; it’ll be open every day except Tuesday and “at least half” of the produce will be from local farmers, reports abc13’s Kevin Quinn, who spots bell peppers from Alvin, green beans from Cat Spring, and peaches from Fairfield (the city, not the subdivision).

Photo: Katy Fresh Produce Market

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  • I hope they do well!
    I love fresh food and grow some of my own, but, the problem with farmers’ markets is that the offerings are sporadic – there’s no guarantee it’ll be there when you go there!
    That’s in addition to the ‘seasonableness’ of produce.
    The problem with shoppers (even me, a health-oriented, local-preferring one) is that, if one can’t fill one’s pantry at this vendor, one goes to the grocery store (which is why Groceries came about…)
    If HEB, Kroger, Randalls, etc offered grower’s markets on site, it would be golden! But I’m sure contracts with suppliers preclude this possibility…
    (I remember when Whole Foods – on Shepard – preferred to buy locally… That was until the co. grew up and sought market-share, etc)

  • Does anybody remember Seekers??????? It is now a 24HR Fitness. The farmers market in Katy will be great, my grandparents live on Magnolia St.!

  • Two of my friends own The Lunchbox Cafe down in Galveston and they’ve started up their own farmers market. If Galveston is closer for you, check them out and then spend a day at the beach! http://www.thelunchboxcafegalveston.com/

    I’ve never been to a farmers market myself, probably because I’m afflicted with the most common ailments in America: I don’t know how to cook a healthy meal to save my life. literally.

  • The Lunchbox Cafe looks niiice :-)

  • The kids and I dropped in at the Lunchbox Cafe for lunch one day last winter. We had very tasty food in an engaging, relaxed setting.

    Matt, it’s not so hard to cook! And there are plenty of people who can give you basic lessons. Get yourself the Joy of Cooking, too, one of the pre-1980 versions. It gives step-by-step instructions on much food preparation.