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  • Do central! Do central! Check out Guadalupana!

  • That’s funny. The lady with the curly hair was on an episode of What Not to Wear, I’m almost positive. I’ve heard good things about Hidalguense, looks good on the inside, too…

  • LOL! Great video. We spent the day showing some Austin food writers, photojournalists and bloggers around for a Houston Taco Truck Tour. The girl with the curly hair *was* on What Not To Wear. Her name is Addie Broyles and she’s the food blogger for the Austin American-Statesman. A really fantastic group of people. You can read more about it here: http://www.eatthislens.com/?p=300 :)

  • Pat, they were touring good tacos places. Guadalupana does not match the quality of Jarro or Hidalguense.