Where Skinny Rita’s Will Be Squeezing in on North Main

WHERE SKINNY RITA’S WILL BE SQUEEZING IN ON NORTH MAIN 4002 North Main St., Brooke Smith, HoustonContractor-turned-Realtor-turned-fraud investigator-turned-restaurateur Randy Bower and the team behind Ruggles Green plan to open the first of 2 Skinny Rita’s Grilles in the space at 4002 N. Main St. on the triangular block bounded by Walton and Melwood in Brooke Smith that’s been home to Rico’s Cantina, Rico’s Luchadores, and more recently the Frida Kahlo-themed La Casa de Frida and Frida’s Cucina later this year. Skinny Rita’s Grille is meant to be a “farm-to-table” Latin restaurant. “Skinny Rita’s food is rustic, healthy, and ‘sexy to the bone®’ as are our drinks and décor,” reads the text on the restaurant’s dummy website. A rooftop patio will feature long views of Downtown. A second Skinny Rita’s is apparently being planned for Kemah. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Skinny Rita’s Grille

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  • I hear this is not the team from Ruggkes Green just one of the early investors.

  • I hope it works out (and we’ll definitely give it a shot)…but I’m not optimistic. Really, really hoping hoping for a coffee/wine (antidote type) spot nearby. It seems like we’re flush with Mexican.

  • The Ruggles Green/management team is not involved with this new venture in anyway. The original investor Randy Bower of the Ruggles Green located in River Oaks on Alabama and a new rock star team consisting of Chef Marcela Perez, Investor/Businessman Archie Patterson, and Business Development Manager Dale Fessler have joined together to develop this new concept. It would be nice for a change if the press got a story right instead of making stuff up to sell a story.

    Now Brooke.. we are not Mexican we are a Latin concept, you should be optimistic the food is better than anything in the area and our Chef is top notch!!! As for your request for a coffee shop, great idea we will take it as great advice and will think about a coffee shop too. :) If not us, you know it won’t be long before one goes in. Hope we exceed your expectations.