Where Space Is Chilly and Tight

WHERE SPACE IS CHILLY AND TIGHT From Swamplot’s (stuffed) inbox: “It’s not just housing that’s a tight real estate market. Take a look inside the average refrigerator about this time of holiday preparations as we all play another round of Turkey Day Tetris, jockeying ingredients and containers onto already full shelves. I don’t know about you, but I always forget to factor in a place for the bird to thaw! Am calling the work day done, heading to the grocery store, and wishing I were a guest instead of the host.” How about we all take another day off to recover, clean out more room in the fridge, or maybe shop for a few extra kitchen appliances? Swamplot will be back on the beat on Monday. A happy Thanksgiving holiday to you all. Photo: Debora Smail

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  • Goodness gracious. Let’s not mention the stuffed refrigerator syndrome breaking out across America!!

  • hehe, after leftovers last night, my wife made a comment using that exact term. She said it was ‘refrigerator tetris’ to get the leftovers back in.