Where the Art Guys Shall Dare To Tread

In February, the Art Guys went for distance, walking the marathon that is W. Little York Rd.; tomorrow, they’ll be going for danger. The 9th of their “12 Events” requires Jack Massing and Michael Galbreth to maintain pedestrian safety techniques and situational awareness as they cross the street, all day, at Westheimer and Hillcroft/Voss, what they’re claiming is the “busiest intersection in Houston.”

Here’s the deal: They’ll start their day off walking clockwise, and, presumably to avoid the monotony, switch things up and go counterclockwise the rest of the afternoon. It’s unclear whether they’ll be taking advantage of the various muscle supplements and joint remedies at the nearby Vitamin Shoppe in the Westhill Village Shopping Center there on the southwest corner.

Photo of Art Guys on W. Little York Rd.: Everett Taasevigen

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  • I hope they’re not planning to push the crosswalk buttons every time, most lights will adjust to give pedestrians more time but this will create a traffic jam.

  • Well if that’s how they chose to spend their day, I’m jealous that they have all the time to waste. You’d think they would at least be intelligent enough to do this in the Fall or Spring, but I fear I’m giving them too much credit.

  • I give them about 50% chance of making it through the day uninjured…

  • I’ll holler at them on my way to work tomorrow. That bum that sells water out of his shopping cart is going to make a killing off of them.

    And I never thought this intersection was any busier than Westheimer & Chimney Rock, Post Oak or Sage.

  • How is this “art” and why is this covered? Seems like two jobless guys doing something dumb for attention?

  • The law says we have to keep 3 feet away from bikes and can’t throw trash at them, it doesn’t say anything about douchy pedestrians.

  • I wouldn’t hit a pedestrian if I were insured. Insurance companies will bend the knee in almost any and every situation where a claim is made against their insured where an auto/pedestrian accident occurs. My wife used to work for an insurance defense firm and they always settled even if the pedestrian was at fault!

  • Can we get them to wear a GPS device so we can track where they are?

  • Great day to take a walk in the rain!