Where the Broadstone Heights Waterworks Apartments Builders Are Parking Their Dirt

Mounds of dirt are stacked high next to the West End Roofing building off Ella between 12th St. and Grovewood, which the developers of the Broadstone Heights Waterworks midrise a mile and a half away are using as a dumping ground for earthen debris involved in their project. A TCEQ notice posted by the dirt piles states that a plan was in place to prevent too much stomwater from running off the property between January 9 and June 1.

The new 8-story Broadstone building is planned on a portion of the original Heights Waterworks at the northwest corner 20th and Nicholson streets that Alliance bought from the city a few years ago. It’ll go up, catty-corner to the development Braun Enterprises has planned on the neighboring soon-to-be reworked waterworks parcel, as indicated in the map below:


But there’s also a story behind the soiled property in Timbergrove: 6 years after buying it, an entity connected to InTown Homes filed plans to build a neighborhood on it — which the sign fronting 20th now identifies as Ella Grovewood. But since then, no new construction has risen on the 4-and-a-half-acre site.

Photos: Dakota Christoffel. Site plan: Braun Enterprises


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  • Bye, Heights. It was nice knowing you before the developers flooded you out. All you folks with your $500,000 to million plus dollar homes who think you’re exempt need to learn the lesson from Memorial. The city doesnt give a shit about you. They could care less if you live or die or if your finances get destroyed. You need to fight back.