Where the City’s New Debris Map Came From; How The Woodlands Got Its Names; Touring Houston’s Weird Homes

Photo of Buffalo Bayou Park: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Just a question on Harris County/COH grant grant award list- Keep in mind, I don’t know the rules of distribution, but can someone explain how the Salvation Army would qualify for additional funds or for a grant? It’s just confusing to give to these funds individually (They received so much already in personal donations) and then for them to also qualify for gov’t funds/grants that were donated or likely pulled from taxes previously paid, when they should have their “own” pool of donated ready to give.

    I have heard many challenges from F&F and just the news in general about people/families experiencing issues with Red Cross and I am concerned that they would get more money. Not trying to ding any organization or efforts to help, but really just would like a better understanding. Thanks to any reply.