Where the Food Trucks Are Parking on Hwy. 6

WHERE THE FOOD TRUCKS ARE PARKING ON HWY. 6 One advantage of the new Energy Corridor-area food truck park that officially debuted last week at 800 Hwy. 6 South, backing up to the Addicks Reservoir: the 3.5-acre grounds mean there’s room enough for a variety of trucks — as well as seating areas that comply with City of Houston regulations by keeping 100 ft. away. Katharine Shilcutt finds plenty of parking, music, fire pits, and ambition there too: “‘We want to make a farmers market over there,’ [My Food Park HTX co-owner Liz Gandy] told me, pointing to a series of metal structures that already form the shape of a roadside produce stand. ‘We get so much shade in the afternoons right here. It’s just beautiful.’ Behind the future market area, the acreage goes from gravel to grass, surrounded on three sides by dense thickets of trees. Back here, where many people choose to dine, it’s quiet. You can barely hear the traffic from Highway 6; you feel like you’re in the country.” [Houstonia] Photo: My Food Park HTX

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  • Assuming there is a reason at all…what is the reason for the 100 ft separation rule?

  • I heard the 100 foot separation rules applied to commercial buildings downtown and was allegedly designed to avoid the possibility of people using the fuel tanks on food trucks as improvised bombs. I didn’t realize it extended all the way out to highway 6.

    But mostly, it’s being used right now by brick and mortar restaurants to keep food trucks out of their areas since they’re worried competition will hurt their business.

  • This pastoral back of the lot has rocking potential. They’ve also blazed access at the back of property through the trees and brush providing access to a trail that hooks up with the developed Hershey Park trails that terminus where the bayou meets the dam.

  • screw the energy corridor we need things like this in the loop…loop or nothing you kakas!