Where the La-Z-Boys in Lazybrook Are Frozen in Time

Two Swamplot readers wrote in separately to suggest this new listing as a subject for our weekly Neighborhood Guessing Game. But really, doesn’t this 3-bedroom, 3-bath home have Lazybrook written all over it?


This 2,949-sq.-ft. time capsule from 1970 — not far from the not-so-lazy banks of White Oak Bayou — can be yours for $395,000.

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  • If Louis XIV was reincarnated as an insurance broker in Houston, this is where he would live.

  • Hee! Funny, finness. I actually kinda admire their steadfastness. It takes some conviction to maintain that level of period fabulosity!

  • It looks like they have Louis XIV’s dishwasher. I forget what that shade of green was called. I think the yellow was called Harvest Yellow. Or was it Harvest Brown? Those were the big three colors in the 60s and 70s. Green, yellow, and brown. Question is, does it still work?

    I love it, Jessica.

  • The dishwasher is “avocado green” and it’s awesome!
    Whenever I see those upward facing florescent lights (like in the den), all I can think of is the amount of dead critters and dust that naturally collects in them.
    Makes my allergies go crazy just thinking about it!

  • @ Matt
    Harvest Gold & Coppertone

  • So I’m NOT the only one who thought you’d like this? Wow. Yup, avocado green and harvest gold were THE colors for decor in the 70s. (Bigger question – does that dishwasher still work?) This place looks like a museum. Even a movie set wouldn’t have so much authenticity. I think the owners of this house should be tapped to do the sets for the 6th and 7th seasons of Mad Men, when Don Draper remarries and settles into Westchester.

  • The most amazing part is how SPOTLESS it is.

  • If you ever have the chance to talk to a dishwasher repairman, ask him (or her) to compare the reliability of the old “dial” controlled models with the new-fangled electronic control versions. The old models are much more reliable than the new ones.

    But 25 or 30 years?, Ah, probably not.

  • it looks like a place that the salad sisters used to operate out of…..oh those were some hot times!!

  • The Salad Sisters – LOL!!!

    I look at these pictures and can almost taste the Quisp cereal I used to eat on Saturday mornings while watching the Groovie Goolies.

  • Ha ha, I thought Mad Men instantly too. They should drop the price just for the cost and effort of having to haul away that much paneling and harvest-ness.

  • Claire De Lune… did you send this in too? Great minds think alike.

  • Guilty. It was just TOO bizarre.