Where the Most Homes Flooded During Harvey; Latest Tenant for 7800 Washington Warehouse Redo; Surveying Gulfton’s Streets for Pedestrian Safety

Photo of the University of Houston: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “When broken down by jurisdiction, Houston overwhelmingly had the most homes flooded during Hurricane Harvey”

    Quelle surprise!

  • I think everyone knew what the economic distress map would look like but the metrics that make it up are astounding. Turner is either an idiot or just doesn’t care about the well being of these communities if he wants to keep poor people in poor neighborhoods.

  • Sidewalk study for Gulfton: YES YES YES YES YES!!!!
    I hope they act on it and rework those sidewalks.

  • What Gulfton needs are on-demand pedestrian crossing signals in the long blocks between traffic lights. Whenever I drive down Hillcroft, there are always tons of people trying to cross eight lanes of traffic from one shopping center to another, often with strollers and young children. The traffic signals are up to 3/4 mile apart, so you could be looking at walking almost a mile out of your way just to cross the street with a light. No wonder people jaywalk.