Where the Rents Are Rising in Houston; Pier 1 at Hughes Landing

Eclectic Menagerie Park, Texas Pipe & Supply, Highway 288 at Bellfort

Photo of Eclectic Menagerie Park, Texas Pipe & Supply, Highway 288 at Bellfort: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Pier One?? Hughes is all about quantity vs quality.

  • We’ve searched up and down these docks from pier one to that Pier 1 by pier 17.

  • yeah, why exactly is Pier1 signing a lease a news item for anyone, much less the chronicle. Makes you wonder if the marketing dept. at Hughes landing types these up and issues them to the newspaper to publish as filler for the day.
    surprised to see that Baytown and Kingwood have some of the highest rent increases. apartments are going in like crazy to meet demand throughout central/west of town, but the east side is still pretty barren of any new developments from what I’ve seen. perhaps that’s why the large rent increases are occurring there.

  • So Jonathan’s Rub is NOT moving after all. I must say that I have been suspicious of that deal for awhile. I pass the Tree House every day and as it was being built thought that it would be a great restaurant location with the large upstairs windows and patio area. However, when Metro National said that they were taking the second floor the whole thing looked bogus to me. The first floor does not look much larger that the current Rub location. And not having the second floor and patio as part of the restaurant kills the deal in my mind. Plus, I don’t think that the second floor tenants would appreciate being above the exhaust fans while they try to enjoy the patio. Plus there is not that much in the way of parking.

    So the question is, Has the deal been dead for awhile and did Metro National decide to take the 2nd floor at that point or did the deal fall apart once Metro National decided to take the second floor. It seems to me that Metro National would rather have the significant rent that the second floor would generate, rather than paying themselves.

    But what do I know?

  • I am on the same page as Bubba here. For the longest time when this was being built and I would drive by, I assumed Jonathan the Rub would have a great new either second story space with a great balcony / patio, and this would be a real upscale reason for the move. When I learned a month or two ago second floor would be a Metro National architecture space / showroom, I thought JTR was getting the crap end of the building. I’ll bet Metro National came in down the line and declared second floor now theirs. In my opinion lost a lot of the appeal for JTR new space. Might as well stay where they are with far less rent. They have built a considerably good reputation at an eatery in the Memorial Villages and I-10 lunch crowd.