Where To Open Your Bar So It’ll Be Close to Exit Ramp, Museums, Root Canals

At last! An answer to a question posted on Swamplot just last October. (Note to potential tipsters: You’ll generally get a much quicker response to questions you submit here if you include a photo or 2 or 3.) But better late than never. That curvy-swervy structure going up near the 59 exit ramp on Main St. south of Midtown, across from the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is now available, reports Vincent Biondillo of Norhill Realty, who’s marketing the property:

This building is being developed by Dr. Anna Munne to house her periodontal practice. The first floor space with the curved wall up front will be leased retail space, which would be great for a salon or bar. The 2nd floor space will house Dr. Munne’s practice and will also offer 2768 SF of leasable office space.

Funny, our original tipster did note that the building appeared to be rooted into the ground with rather substantial columns.


More from Biondillo:

This building will be applying for LEED Bronze certification. The 2nd floor balcony offers great views of Downtown and Main Street.

The building was designed by local dentist-office specialists Vaughn Design Studios. Cannon Enterprises expects to finish construction in July.

Photos: Norhill Realty

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  • “local dentist-office specialists ”

    Who knew that was a field in architecture? LOL.

    I guess they did the same dentist office at the WoW Roundabout.

  • This isn’t south of Midtown it is in Midtown.

  • Cynthia, Most people consider Midtown to be the area between US59 and the Pierce Elevated. This building which is South of US59 is reasonably, South of Midtown; or what some still call the Binz; and what others still call Third Ward.

  • Oh,yeah, and some would consider this to be the Northern end of the Museum District.

  • Cynthia is correct. Check the map on Midtown’s website. This is in Midtown.

  • While the powers to be did highjack some slivers of land to the south of Hwy 59 most would consider in graphical terms Midtown is the area north of 59 to Pierce and Museum District is the area south of 59 to Hermann Park!

  • It’s great that Deconstructionism finally shows up in Houston, it’s like 1986 all over again! Now where did I put my parachute pants?