Where To Pick Up a Free Bite To Eat in Montrose

WHERE TO PICK UP A FREE BITE TO EAT IN MONTROSE Looking for a little pony’s foot for your salad? You won’t find any in Montrose grocery stores, but you should have no problem picking some up in any number of nearby vacant lots: . . . in just a three-block radius, [petroleum chemist and urban foraging teacher Mark Vorderbruggen] identifies 34 different edibles. Things like mallows, which have rough leaves with toothed edges, and wild radishes which have long, symmetrical leaves, four yellow or white petals and tastes like horseradish. But urban foraging isn’t only about finding tasty things to munch on. ‘There’s a lot of things you can use for skin irritation. In fact I see some right over here. . . . This is plantain and it’s real good. You just crush it up and make a mash. It’s good against insect bites, mosquito bites, bee stings.” [Houston Public Radio News] Photo: KUHF

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