Where To Put Magnolia Glen

WHERE TO PUT MAGNOLIA GLEN If the city will cough up $4 million, developers will turn a former temporary UH dorm next to Fingers furniture on the north side of the Gulf Freeway into a 220-unit housing project for Houstonians who are currently homeless. Mayor White supports the Magnolia Glen project, but district councilman James Rodriguez and some residents of nearby Eastwood don’t like the location. “Former Councilman Gordon Quan, a member of the blue-ribbon commission, said . . . money helps determine where sites can be found. ‘People say, “Why don’t you put this in River Oaks or Memorial?” We couldn’t afford the land in River Oaks. But we are cognizant that these need to be spread around,’ he said.” [Houston Chronicle]

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  • Government housing projects are always a bad idea!

  • How about building it at 1717 Bissonnet? The homeless don’t drive, so the neighbor’s “tower of traffic” objection should be moot, right?

  • Perfect, I want to see they Stop Ashby people say they don’t want to help people, HA!

    If they think Ashby was going to hurt property values, a place like this would be much worse in there minds.

    The reality is the most homeless people don’t want to be helped in this way. They want to be given money or a place they can walk in and get free food.

  • Interesting how so many of you know what the homeless “want”. I think it’s a great idea and sorely need. Bravo!

  • The problem is not so much with the facility itself, but the fact that every time the city needs to find a place to put a homeless shelter or SRO, they want to put it in District I. District I is already carrying more than its share of these type of facilities.