Where Training Will Begin: The Houston Texans YMCA at Palm Center

Rendering of Planned Metro Light Rail Southeast Corridor Route along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. at Madalyn Ln.

The brand new YMCA planned for the corner of Griggs Rd. and Martin Luther King Blvd. will be the first ever named after a professional sports team: The Houston Texans. Construction is expected to begin later this year. The new Third Ward facility is meant to be a permanent replacement for the old South Central YMCA between UH and TSU at 3531 Wheeler, which was abandoned for temporary digs in a storefront on Scott St. several years ago.

At a press conference yesterday, officials from the YMCA and the Texans described the new complex as just part of a larger partnership between the two organizations.

Hey, isn’t Palm Center the planned location for the start of the Southeast Metrorail line? So the Y will mark the beginning of athletic training for a lot of kids . . . plus the start of train riding for a larger group. Cute.

After the jump: A tiny picture of the new facility, plus . . . that light rail map!


Rendering of Proposed new Houston Texans YMCA at Palm Center, at the Corner of Griggs Rd. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.Here’s a view of the new YMCA, from Channel 2’s report.

And a closeup of the southeast portion of the planned Metrorail route for 2012:

Closeup of Planned Metro Light Rail Routes in Southeast Houston

Only 16 stops and two transfers from the new YMCA at Palm Center to Reliant Stadium!

Drawing of future Southeast Corridor light rail line on MLK near Madalyn Ln.: Metro; Metro map: Christof Spieler

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  • Where did the Headlining picture come from? I’m assuming that’s where The Y will be located?

  • It’s from the Metro Southeast Corridor Updates page (the fourth link below the article above). It’s not a drawing of the YMCA site, but it shows what the rail line will look like just north of it (on MLK near Madalyn, as the photo credit says). You’ll find a photo or two of the Y site (mostly of just the sign) if you follow the first two links at the bottom of the article.