Where Whole Foods Market Will Be Opening in The Woodlands

Woodlands organic shoppers: Do not let the parking garage that appears to be enveloping the new Whole Foods Market in this rendering scare you off. The press release announcing the grocery chain’s first Woodlands store declares there’ll be “ample surface parking” adjacent to the market. Whew! Construction will start on the 40,000-sq.-ft. store soon, the Woodlands Development Company announced this morning. It’ll be part of Hughes Landing, the new 66-acre office, hotel, retail, and apartment complex going in on the northeast bank of Lake Woodlands. The store will be near the intersection of Lake Front Circle and Lake Woodlands Dr., with the main entrance shown above coming off Lake Front. That likely places it in the spot marked “Grocery” in this rotated plan of the development’s southern half:


In this rendering of how the same portion of the development is supposed to look when it’s all built, the Whole Foods site is tucked in back near the center:

The store is expected to open sometime in 2015.

Renderings: Woodlands Development Company

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  • Would have preferred to see some of the wooded areas maintained. Unfortunately, “The Woodlands” is becoming more of a slim band of trees/brush around endless construction, courtesy of a development company that is set on milking every cent, and politicians drunk with tax revenues. With the planned development of Mitchell Island, the lake will be virtually void of any natural areas. Yes, great to have a Whole Foods, but when is enough enough?

  • Both a large parking garage and a giant parking lot: what could be more sensible?

  • I know this will make a lot of people in The Woodlands very happy. I wasn’t all that impressed with Trader Joes, it will be interesting to see how Hughes Landing develops!

  • I thought this store was supposed to open September 2014. I guess the hideous traffic congestion currently ongoing in The Woodlands slowed it down?