Where Will the Ramen Be?

WHERE WILL THE RAMEN BE? You can order ramen at dozens of places in Houston, but The Modular food truck’s Joshua Martinez’s Goro & Gun, declares Houston Press‘s Katharine Shilcutt, is going to be the first dedicated to the squiggly noodle: Doubling as a bar, Goro & Gun is set to open in about a month somewhere Downtown; CultureMap’s Tyler Rudick hazards a guess that 306 Main St. will be the new spot, but Martinez calls that story’s reporting “very inaccurate.” So where, then? Martinez and his fellow gaijin Brad Moore and Ryan Rouse aren’t ready to say, but Shilcutt does slip in a few clues: “The downtown restaurant which will house Goro & Gun hasn’t been home to anything successful in years. Its last resident was a sandwich shop, which closed almost as quickly as it opened.” And it’ll be in a “shotgun-style space.” [CultureMap; Eating Our Words] Photo: First We Feast

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  • Swamplot is now covering mobile real estate.

  • 306 Main is correct. Formerly Molto Foods briefly, and Grumbar for a while before that.

  • 920 Congress or 306 Main. those are my 2 bets, with 306 favored.

  • So what’s with all the buzz about downtown. I thought downtown was dead?

  • thats the underlying problem. people think it’s (downtown) dead so they tend to avoid, when in reality it’s thiving. Im even more amazed because all people need to do is a small amout of reading or research to know.

  • It depends on where you are downtown. Parts of downtown are definitely un-dead (see, e.g., the energy corridor) and other parts (some of the very old office buildings near the courthouses) struggle for tenants and cycle quickly through commercial businesses.