Where You’ll Find Houston’s City Acre Brewpub, Eventually

Do you know this building? It’s somewhere in Northeast Houston. And by October of 2012 it’s scheduled to become a brewpub run by startup City Acre Brewing Co. Owner Daniel Glover tells Houston Press food critic Katharine Shilcutt that the undisclosed location will offer food as well. A preview Oktoberfest event is scheduled there for next month.

Photo: City Acre Brewing

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  • Oh but it’s outside The Loop.
    Will patrons actually come? Will they be able to find their way home to safety?

  • their facebook page has an address of 3421 Folger, but I do not think that means what I think that means

  • It’s off the Eastex freeway right outside the loop. I can’t believe anyone would go there for a brew pub.

  • Gorgeous house, but if it’s outside the loop that’ll really alienate a large portion of those who would go to a brewpub. I’d probably go regularly, but it’ll be a hassle to convince my husband that the drive is worth it.

  • That looks like that wacky mansion that rose incongruously alongside the Eastex Freeway some years ago. For a brewpub? Good luck.

  • Yep, Folger & Macha off 59.
    Google Street View – http://tinyurl.com/42r4yy4

    I desperately want to see a good brewpub in Houston, but honestly not sure how often I would make the trip out there.

  • Maybe they will buy that mess that fronts the feeder road and use it for parking.

    As is, where is, not too visually appealing.

    Do these folks do market research prior to choosing a location?

  • Sorry, I was being snarky with the ‘outside the loop’ comment because I live in the hinterlands and hear that geographic determiner way too often.
    I’ll take a brewery wherever I find it.
    Now it seems Swamplot readers are dooming the place.
    What if City Acre starts a local revival!
    Take that, Innerloopers!

  • I don’t think being outside the loop is terrible (look at some of the stuff in Katy), but that area isn’t exactly a well known retail destination for the “microbrew pub” type. But if they have good beer that could definitely be a destination in and of itself.

    And who knows, maybe that area will be the next fringe, sufficiently “authentic” neighborhood to be cool. :) I wish them the best as well… and the place looks awesome!

  • @ movocelot –

    I checked with a friend in Kansas City. It is both not far enough outside the loop, as well as not inside. DOOM!!!!

    (though I hope not – I likes me beerz)

  • I hope they will provide armed security. Not a safe place! The area car thieves might be looking forward to this news.

  • Are you kidding me? There is a ZERO percent chance I will go there. What they need to do is pay about 50K and have the structure relocated to a place where people will actually drive to. Or better yet, walk to.

  • Man, I guess I will be the first one to say it. This pub is in da hood. That’s right. Not “The” but “Da” hood. I am from that area and there is a Papagayo’s bikini bar a couple minutes south. I don’t know what these folks are thinking, but I hope they have plenty of security.

  • The house is on the corner of Folger & Macha. I am with Tanith27, zero chance of me ever stepping foot in that area. Good luck folks, you are going to need it!!

  • You can get to the BW8 to Fall Creek during rush hour from downtown up 59 in less than 30 minues.

    This place may be three minutes outside loop 610.

    If they make a good beer it’ll become a destination.

    This part of town is not any rougher than the fringes of Midtown and Montrose.

  • I’ve heard that if you step foot outside the loop in a non-Galleria direction, flesh eating cannibals will instantly devour your internal organs.

    I’ve heard that if you drive outside the loop, your car will be instantly stripped and pawned for drugs before you’ve even coasted to a complete stop.

    It’s a scary world out there. Best to not leave your panic room, people.

  • I’m not the owner of City Acre; I just let Houston Press know about the plans for it. My friends Matt & Meredith are the owners. I agree it is an atypical place to set up shop, but I’ve been there many times and it is a great spot. It’s called City Acre for a reason: they have an entire city block to use for an organic garden, chickens for fresh eggs, parking, outdoor activities, etc. For those who are interested be on the lookout for information about their preview events in the near future.

  • I am the owner of City Acre Brewing. (Daniel Glover is a friend of mine, but he is not the owner. He spoke on behalf of the brewpub for the Shilcutt post.) My wife and I have lived in that neighborhood, in this house, for two and a half years and we love it there. It’s a quiet neighborhood surrounded by friendly families, although of course there are some rough neighborhoods nearby. We do intend to have parking security, as should any nighttime business.

    As far as the concerns about the distance, it takes me exactly ten minutes on 59 to reach downtown Houston. We have the benefit that most inside-loop businesses do not have of TONS of room for parking, outdoor seating and the garden from which we’re making much of our sustainable menu.

    Thank you for the comments. We’ve taken everything into consideration and we truly believe this is a very special location for a brewpub. I urge all of you to come to one of our upcoming FREE preview events so you can be charmed by the location and the neighborhood yourself. You can go to http://cityacrebrewing.com/Splash.html for more information.

  • Wow, lots of new start ups in the beer industry in houston, including 8th wonder brewery, which is a brewery (as opposed to a brewpub) –