Where’s the Waldo Mansion? Somewhere Behind These Large Oak Trees That Are Coming Down Today

Tree Cutting at 201 Westmoreland St., Westmoreland, Houston

Tree Cutting at 201 Westmoreland St., Westmoreland, HoustonThe Waldo Mansion at 201 Westmoreland St. in Westmoreland, best known (well, for its interiors at least) as the terrestrial stomping ground of playboy astronaut Garrett Breedlove, the Jack Nicholson character in Terms of Endearment, is getting a bit of a haircut today. Tree crews have been working all morning to start the process of ridding the site at the corner of Westmoreland and Garrott of “many” of its large surrounding oak trees, a reader tells Swamplot. But only a single tree has been removed so far, as these photos show.


Tree Cutting at 201 Westmoreland St., Westmoreland, Houston
The property, which had been renovated extensively since the filming of the 1983 movie starring Nicholson, Shirley MacLaine, Danny DeVito, and Debra Winger, was sold in June for $2.85 million, down from a $3.5 million asking price.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Terms of Dismemberment

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  • Maybe they are putting in a pool?

  • Why live in an old mature neighborhood if you’re going to cut all the fucking trees down. Let’s hope it’s just this one; perhaps it was diseased. This house was a cool Victorian long ago from what I understand. Now it’s a bizarre Morrish? mess. Leave the trees and tear the house down, the one next door is much prettier anyway.

  • Shannon: I live near this house and walk by it several times a week. The tree is (likely) just getting a trim. It was GIANT and sticking out all over the place.
    People in this subdivision don’t strike me as the type to clear cut large old tress for no reason.

  • One diseased tree, not an oak. Beautiful, historically significant home despite being moved from down town and having siding replace w/ brick.

  • Shannon: Could you possibly post one comment without using the word fucking?

  • Fuck yeah