Which A&M Building Has Governor Perry’s Name on It Now?

WHICH A&M BUILDING HAS GOVERNOR PERRY’S NAME ON IT NOW? texasam-academic-building-rick-perryTwo days of “deep reflection” after telling the Bryan-College Station Eagle that he would be honored to have Texas A&M’s iconic Academic Building renamed “The Rick Perry ’72 Building,” Governor Rick Perry decided to decline the proposal by the A&M Board of Regents before it ever came to a vote. “I have informed the board of regents of my decision to politely decline this honor,” Perry said at a graduation ceremony last night, hours after the vote was supposed to have taken place. “And I do so because there are places on this campus, like our most cherished traditions, that transcend any one individual. They are bigger than any one of us and they represent our shared heritage. I want the Academic Building to be called the Academic Building in 2114, 200 years after it was built.” Perry’s announcement came after 2 days of intense, mostly negative reaction to news of the proposal, including a resolution against the renaming from the student senate, a petition signed by 7,000 students in opposition to same, and an editorial in The Battalion, A&M’s campus paper, which reads, in part: “The absurdity of the idea goes well beyond the irony of putting Perry (and his well-documented sub-2.5 GPA) on A&M’s academic hub, which in 2014 celebrates its 100th birthday. The regents shouldn’t name the Academic Building after the governor. Not because he’s not qualified, but because no one is.” Which is not to say that some other campus edifice might not soon bear the Perry name, as the editorial acknowledges: “Perry might deserve campus recognition, but give him something — anything — other than the Academic Building.” [Bryan-College Station Eagle; The Battalion] Photo: Texas A&M

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  • Is there a sewer lift station or something similar on campus? I’m asking for a friend.

  • Rick Perry is the greatest Governor this state has ever had for education. Rick Perry should have cut 3 departments out of Texas A&M:

    1) Entire liberal arts program( Its filled with Liberals!).

    2) Environmental Sciences (its filled with enviromentalists!)

    3)… … … … Let’s see, uhh … … … I guess I can’t remember the third one… oops.

  • As a resident of B-CS, as an Aggie, and as a realist, I’ve got a solution: In about 6 years, lets rename the General Services Building after him. It’s HUGE, it’s important, and it caters to low-GPA students. It’s a good idea.
    You may not like his politics, but you can’t deny he’s influential. And influential people get stuff named after them. Get over that part so that we can find an appropriate alternative.
    Also, we need to wait until he’s really retired. In part because no one wants to be associated with Blagojevich-type scandal (which can crop up YEARS after political retirement…), and in part because it’s just bad taste.

  • Hmmm, yes, Perry may read at a 5th Grade level and maybe he couldn’t beat Tom Arnold at Jeapordy, but he can read a basic poll. This entire proposal was DOA, it takes assine massive hubris to even consider renaming this building of “Honor” after Perry.

  • All excellent points!

  • Perry has done nothing but bring embarrassment to the state of Texas (and I’m not talking about the primaries). He deserves no recognition.

  • Longtime reader of Swamplot but rarely comment. VERY glad to hear that this proposal was shot down.

    The Governor has been in office a long time, which can be good or bad. But, it is ridiculous to have an academic building named after someone with a lackluster GPA.

    And, we certainly don’t need more ammunition for more Aggie jokes – or jokes about Texas, in general.

  • Another Austin story?