White Oak-Facing Retail Shown Washing Away Aqua by the Bike Trail Crossing

A flyer from NewQuest Properties is now hawking an imagined retail-or-restaurant building at 3215 White Oak Dr., across the street from the parking lot for Juiceland and Black Swan Yoga. The lot, which spans from the corner of Columbia St. to the western edge of the Heights hike-and-bike trail that slices diagonally across White Oak, is currently home to an Aqua Hand Car Wash (seen from Columbia St. above), as well as a few rented-out residences behind it and next to the trail.

The included renderings show the building fronting the sidewalk on White Oak, with a patio in front:


Parking is on the side, against an alley that hits White Oak about the same time the bike trail does:

The flyer notes the 0.3-acre site is “for lease or build-to-suit.

Images: LoopNet (photo); NewQuest Properties (renderings)


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  • Isn’t this is the dry area?

  • Nice to see the Heights continue to get cleaned up. some very blighted areas could become world class, or at least nicer. the retail developments coming to Shepard/19th/11th/Yale are going to be huge in terms of changing the perception of the Heights. To everyone opposing the changes, you should have insisted your neighbor take better care if their surroundings.

  • Looking at that parking situation, I’m seeing obstruction of the bike path, and/ or running over a cyclist in the first month.