Who Got the Police Ticket for the Hans’ Bier Haus Meat Bomb?

WHO GOT THE POLICE TICKET FOR THE HANS’ BIER HAUS MEAT BOMB? In an update to its previous story about the 20 or 40 pounds of rotting meat that was unceremoniously dumped in the private alley between Hans’ Bier Haus on Quenby and the 2520 Robinhood at Kirby condominiums over the weekend, abc13 is now reporting that police following up on the incident have issued a citation to “one person” for “causing a nuisance” with the festering stink bomb. Another fun fact from the latest teevee report: “According to the city health department, the property where the meat sits belongs to neither the bar nor the condo, but a third party with [groan] no stake in the case.” Update, 7/9: abc13 has updated its story again, this time removing the name of the person previously identified as having received the citation. We’ve followed suit. [abc13; previously on Swamplot]

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  • If a third party owns the property, then seems to me the third party is responsible for keeping up his property.

    Stake or no steak.

    Then, the third party could go after the condo folks and make this a real fun fight.

  • This stink is nothing that a wake, committee, or venue (per Wikipedia) of vultures (Black or Turkey) couldn’t take care of in an hour’s time!
    Nature’s got a plan for all your smelling issues.
    However, the poop and feathers from the gathering might not appeal to either party, on either side of the property in question.

  • Swamp Lot owner Gus Allen is a real douche bag.

    WOW, I am impressed, stealing stories from other real news agencies without checking any facts, then adding your thoughtless comments.

    Hey Gus, here’s some real news for you.

    NO one at the condominium association received any ticket.

    Do you want to call the HPD officer at the Differential Response Team who issues tickets for Section 10 344(a)(2) offenses?

    Is that too much work for you? Or do you prefer to pretend like a news agency because you know how to type http://WWW.HCAD.ORG?

    Grow some balls Gus and get off your fat ass and do some real reporting. You are one of thousands of copy and paste wanna-be news websites.

  • hey gus allen, reggie mcgowan and reggie mcgown should sue you for defamation because we all know that you can NOT produce any ticket with his name on it.

    produce the ticket, or take your defamatory worthless swamplot crap down.

  • Uh, Mr. or Ms. Sucks, you’re entitled to your grievance but name-calling removes any shred of your credibility.

  • Hey swamp lot sucks, you obviously live at 2520 Robinhood. I am sorry that you are upset because you are losing the fight. But this is a fight that should have never been started. You live in the middle of a big city. There are people having fun and there may be some noise. You bought a property next to a bar. Seems to me like the only person you should be mad at is yourself. Do everybody a favor and move to the burbs.

  • Maybe ‘swamp lot sucks’ = ‘truth speaks’ ??

    The name has changed but the voice sounds the same.

    I think it would be good if a reasonable, rational resident would appear here and state “their side”.

    Surely they are not all foul mouthed delinquents.

  • Maybe this is all a misunderstanding. I think the meat was dumped between the two buildings to commemorate the blooming of the giant corpse flower at HMNS this weekend. Similar smells.

  • Sounds like someone got slipped an extra teaspoon of creatin in their gym juice at the spa this morning. Good thing they aren’t out driving!
    Don’t hate the messenger, hate the bar next doo, err, nevermind…

    Gus always links his sources. Why don’t you provide some youtube footage you shot of the bar in question being totally out of control instead of freaking out cuz you forgot to put your phone on the charger last night. I would love to hear/see how the bar is being such horrible neighbor. What 4 AM antics remain to be seen? Please, share some vid, esp if thar be boobies off the starboard bow! Arr!

  • @swamp lot sucks:

    abc13 is the only news outlet in the city that reported on this incident. It was and remains clear from the post above (“abc13 is now reporting that . . . “) that the information provided came directly and solely from that report. In the original version of the post, we included pertinent information from previous reports sourced from other outlets. At times, Swamplot is able to provide original reporting. But identifying, highlighting, connecting, and “cutting and pasting” information from various published sources is the bulk of what we do. (Swamplot’s daily demolition report, for example, is cribbed from publicly available data. We just make it more accessible.) Our large local audience finds this service — which we ordinarily perform while seated on our asses — to be valuable. That’s why thousands of Houston readers visit or participate on this site every day. And local news outlets appreciate it too. Many local reporters regularly use Swamplot as a “tip sheet” to identify news of interest. The links we provide (and we always link to online sources) drive a considerable amount of local web traffic, which helps the news outlets gain more attention for the reporting that they do. As a result, Swamplot regularly receives specific requests from news organizations asking that we post about a particular story they’ve written.

    As noted in our update above, abc13 has again revised its story about the rotting meat. Your second comment is now the only location where some version of the name or names of the person originally identified in that story as having received the citation still appears. If you (or any party concerned) would like that comment to be deleted, or if you have additional information to provide, please let us know. And this time, please provide an actual email address so we can follow up.

  • From PYEWACKET2:

    Surely they are not all foul mouthed delinquents.


    In all likelihood they all are. Birds of a feather buy together as they say…

  • … and the condo supporters keep showing their true colors. Boy, I was missing the updates for a while. It’s even better than TV!

  • Didn’t someone yesterday wonder why a condo owner had not shown up here? This totally validates the old saying “be careful what you wish for.”

    I’m thinking the property values at Robinhood just dropped down a few thousand more. Would you want to live anywhere near Swamp Lot Sucks?

  • Gus:

    Don’t mind the hater trolls. I’d be mad too if I was stupid enough to buy a condo next to an established beer garden.

  • Wouldn’t it be fun if a huge crowd formed at Hans’ and reenacted the beer garden scene from Cabaret around 1 a.m?

  • Wouldn’t it be fun if a huge crowd formed at Hans’ and reenacted the beer garden scene from Cabaret around 1 a.m?


    That sounds really very vindictive but lots of fun…

  • Swamplot cuisine: Meat bomb served on machine buns. The best of Gus & Matt Mystery!

  • @ swamp lot sucks

    Whanhh whanh wahnh! You moved into a place right next to an established bar and files a lawsuit over the noise. That’s like moving next to a school and complaining about the noise from the kids, or like moving next to a rairoad and complaining about the trains that come through every few hours. What kind of kooky meds are you on? By the way, I was over there to enjoy some malted frosty happiness over the weekend. The regulars said nothing has happened since the meat incedent and that it has been too quiet. What are you guys cooking up?

  • Balthazar, post 8

    The flower is a little late but looks like it might be ready to bloom. Lois the corpse flower has been getting a lot of press lately but I believe it was here first!!

  • ah! but the corpse flower’s stench has not yet arrived, PYEWACKET2!
    So, Hans’ antagonist wins the stinky competition.