Who Poked That Hole in the Side of 1010 Lamar Downtown?

Hole in the side of 1010 Lamar, Downtown, Houston, 77002

Something is missing: Reader Jamie Guidry snapped this shot of overcast Downtown this morning, noting that “a big chunk of 1010 Lamar” appears to be absent. The breached facade is shown here from the south, from the circular GreenStreet pedestrian bridge over Fannin. (A permit was issued on December 9th for the remodel of an upper-story suite of the office building, but a representative from permittee R.L. Hart Construction confirms that it has nothing to do with the hole.)

1010 Lamar was one of the properties snapped up in 2007 by Texas office space tycoon Zaya Younan, along with the former Sakowitz department store building (currently a parking garage) across the street at 1111 Main.


Other types of changes may be coming for the lower floors of 1010 Lamar, as plans to redevelop Dallas St. as a pedestrian-friendly shopping corridor progress. Those plans call for a retail redo of the bottom few floors of the office building; street reconstruction is going on now.

Photo: Jamie Guidry via Swamplot inbox

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  • The side of that building is the perfect canvas for art – could be a mural that would look very attractive and add vibrance to downtown.

  • I’d like to blame this on Jade Helm 15 but this would be just agitating paranoid minds unnecessarily. Like a snowglobe, it doesn’t take much to get the flurries flying inside their globe (mind).

  • Years ago at the downtown Foley’s location, we had a CEO who demanded we punch a hole through the facade of the landmark flagship building….so he could have natural sunlight and a view. He was wisely shut down by the BOD and fired not long afterwards. I wonder if he ended up here.

  • Meteor? Notice the long crack extending to the top and down to the bottom. Yikes

  • econik: “Meteor? Notice the long crack extending to the top and down to the bottom. Yikes”

    I would bet donuts to a dollar that your “crack” was a cable of some sort. Better lay off the stuff for a while ….