Conquering Flag of Whole Foods Market, Planted in the Third Ward

CONQUERING FLAG OF WHOLE FOODS MARKET, PLANTED IN THE THIRD WARD “It seems as though this sign appeared over night” at the corner of Dowling St. and Holman St., writes the reader who sent in the photo at left. It reads, “Coming Soon, Third Ward,” above and below a Whole Foods Market logo. “Is this true?” the reader wants to know. Aw, c’mon! Someone went to all that trouble to put up this sign . . . and now you want to ruin the fun? [Swamplot inbox] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • It would be a good cheap location to build a Whole Foods.

    Also, considering how jam packed the Waugh location has become, the market seems to show the need for another one.

    This location will give Midtown/Museum District/Third Ward a new close grocer.

    Just be happy they didn’t used the ridiculous term of EaDo!

  • whaaaat! i don’t believe it, it’s gotta be someone’s social commentary “art”

  • Found it here:
    But not on Womack Development’s listings

  • WoW a whole foods in third ward before the heights, the woodlands, midtown. LOL

  • This is really close to Project Row House. I have a feeling that it is one of the artist making a statement.

  • I did some digging on the Whole Foods website. One of its requirements when placing a new store is between 25-50k square feet of space. This lot is 15,000 square feet. So there’s that. It’s also weird that there was no news release.

  • I suspect Amanda is right (although I disagree with the scarequotes around the word “art”). It could be part Project Row House’s summer residencies, where student artists get to use the row houses as studios for a project that they display at the end of summer (i.e., now). It would be a very weird place for a Whole Foods–but probably a good place for a good grocery store.

  • Also, that sign is not fancy enough to be from Whole Foods.

  • The owner, Latif Investments, also owns a seemingly vacant strip mall at 5215 Almeda.

  • If true maybe they are shooting for the big picture over there? the Midtown west of Dowling street, the BBVA Stadium area just North of there and Metro rail coming South of there on Alabama.Otherwise i don’t know how $2.50 @lb for Oranges gonna fly over there!

  • ah dude that’s like a 60 second stumble from my house….I’m sorry but why does the 3rd and the WORST Fiesta in Houston? Poor produce, poor beer selection. Cheap chicken!

  • Love it…I’d like to see more of these “bandit” signs pop up around the inner loop. Next up: (1) Tootsie’s next to the Sears in Midtown, (2) Central Market to replace Fingers at Cullen/Gulf Freeway, (3) and my personal choice: A Wal-Mart in BLVD Place.

  • I work for Whole Foods, and have heard nothing about a third ward location. The planned future locations are: Post Oak & San Felipe, Katy, and Champions (SE corner of Louetta & Cutten).

  • I would die and go to heaven if they built a Barnes and nobles on s. Wayside! Oh yeah, walmart too. I am practical after all!

  • Re: WF sign in picture- social commentary ! Re: @JD’s post: LMAO…Wal-Mart and Wulfe & Co. would have a cow & a hissy fit if a Wal-Mart sign appeared on the BLVD.Place property. The juxtaposition and irony would be hilarious though.

  • If I plant that same sign in Corpus Christi, will they come?????????

  • That’s Lightnin’s corner. HELL NO!!!

  • They are not gonna build one in third ward. They base new stores on how many people make over 50,000 a year and the percentage of college graduates. I used to work for them in the 90’s and that’s always how they determine where to expand.

  • Perhaps the City of Houston is providing an incentive to a grocery store to develope in this location. 3rd Ward is a food desert. I am still hopeful!